BBB Blech & Brass Banda (Die Burgenländer)
also known as: BBB, Die Burgenländer
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BBB Blech & Brass Banda (Die Burgenländer)

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1999

'BBB' has been around since 1999. They made a name for themselves as Blech & Brass Banda and also briefly went by the name Die Burgenländer. At that time, 13 passionate musicians from Burgenland decided to establish a Bohemian-Moravian brass band, inspired by traditional brass bands and of the kind that can only be found in Moravia and Bohemia. 

Right from the start, the goal of BBB was to enthuse the audience with Bohemian-Moravian brass music at a high level. 

The biggest BBB fans (let alone the musicians themselves!) could have never dreamt of exceeding this goal so soon, which they achieved with a European Champion title in 2002.

From the very beginning, BBB have consistently evolved and tried to break new ground in field of brass music. The repertoire is constantly enhanced with their own compositions and works by renowned composers that have been exclusively written for BBB. 

Regardless of what BBB stands for, whether for Blech & Brass Banda, Burgenlanders bring brass music or whatever - the band likes to keep it simple and stay true to what their fans have been calling them for over a decade: BBB


Lineup/Description of Style

Line Up:
Gernot Kahofer (musical director)
Martin Salzl (clarinet)
Manfred Stimez (clarinet)
Hans Pospisil (tenor and baritone)
Radek Ruzicka (tenor and baritone)
Klaus Schwarzbauer (flugelhorn and trumpet)
Gernot Kahofer (flugelhorn and trumpet)
Andreas Zimmerl (flugelhorn and trumpet)
Lukasz Weiss (flugelhorn and trumpet)
Sasha Kunert (tuba)
Milan Zapletal (drums)
Markus Schwarz (accompanying trumpet)
Harald Killer (accompanying trumpet)
Markus Bittner(trombone)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2009: Die Burgenländer
  • 2008: Nicht Nur Für Uns
  • 2007: Volltreffer
  • 2006: Am See
  • 2005: Lauschangriff
  • 2003: Blechschaden
  • 2002: Mährische Freunde

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