Daniel Haselwanter
Nickname: Gratwanderer

Photographer: Gerhard Tilg

Haselwanter Daniel

General Information


Daniel Haselwanter is a young Austrian singer-songwriter whose debut album "Between Lines" was released on the 16th of June (James Joyce's "Bloomsday") 2010. With Western guitars, percussion, bouzouki, piano, and a distinctive and expressive voice, he transfers contents in several languages, dealing with friendship, love for nature, adventure, infatuation and communication, but also personal tragedies, depression, and overcoming them.
Having been influenced and inspired by diverse bands and artists like Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Niels Frevert, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Led Zeppelin and Dave Matthews, it is difficult to stylistically classify him.
The driving force behind his creative work is always the love for music and the urge to express the inexpressible.
In early 2012, Daniel Haselwanter (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, ukulele) co-founded the band "Gratwanderer", together with the Styrian musicians Chris Laber (bass) and Conrado Molina (percussion).


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
2003 - 2009

teacher education (English, music education, Italian)

2003 - 2009

instrumental and vocal lessons: guitar, piano, vocals


1994 - 1999

Anyone's Fate: composer, guitarist, singer

1992 - 2012

Daniel Haselwanter: composer, musician, singer


Gratwanderer: founded the band together with Chris Laber (bass) and Conrado Molina (percussion); since then composer, musician, singer

Description of Style

acoustic folk-rock

Discography, Projects


  • 2014: "Rolling Home Recordings" (CD)
  • 2010: "Between Lines" (CD, office 4 music)
  • 2017: "Ode To The Earth" (NEW Album to be released in May, 2017)

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Language:  German, English, Italian