Elektro Guzzi
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Elektro Guzzi

General Information

Year of Foundation:  2004


The three members of the "techno-dance band" Elektro Guzzi are able to excite listeners across the globe with unlimited possibilities of visionary and creative work in techno style. While using solely guitar, bass and drums, the band takes the most unusual playing techniques and puts them together into a rigid mechanical form, which makes them currently one of the most thrilling live performances.



  • 2012: EBBA Award (for their debut-album "Elektro Guzzi")

Lineup/Description of Style


  • Jakob Schneidewind (bass)
  • Bernhard Breuer (drums)
  • Bernhard Hammer (guitar)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2017: Parade (Denovali)
  • 2016: Clones (CD; macro recordings)
  • 2014: Observatory (CD; macro recordings)
  • 2013: Circling Above (CD; The Tapeworm)
  • 2011: Live P.A. (CD; macro recordings)
  • 2013: Cashmere (EP; Macro)
  • 2012: Allegro (EP; Pomelo)
  • 2011: Extrakt (EP; macro recordings)
  • 2011: Parquet (CD, LP; macro recordings)
  • 2010: Hexenschuss / Elastic Bulb (EP; macro recordings)
  • 2010: Elektro Guzzi (macro recordings)