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Photographer: Josef Fallnhauser/Studio Trizeps ©


General Information

Year of Foundation:  2002


The project !DelaDap originally evolved from an idea of Viennese musician and producer Stani Vana. Vana wanted to follow the footsteps of collegues such as Gogol Bordello or Shantel and incorporate more Eastern European stylistic elements into his music. Initially playing alone, the project quickly grew into a trio. Meanwhile seven musicians from different countries romp under the name !DelaDap.


Lineup/Description of Style

Line Up:
Stani Vana (turntables)
Melinda Stoika (vocals)
Aleksandar Stojic (guitare)
Alen Dzambic (accordion)
Rainer Gutternigg (trumpet)
Simon Plötzeneder (trumpet)
Benjamin Angerer (bass)
Mathias Auinger (drums)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2012: "I Know What You Want", CD (Chat Chapeau Nouveau)
  • 2011: "Cigani Rusza & Angelo (Remastered Special Edition)", CD (Chat Chapeau Nouveau)
  • 2008: "Sara La Kali", CD (Chat Chapeau Nouveau)
  • 2006: "Dela Paji", CD (Chat Chapeau)
  • 2004: "Cigani Rusza & Angelo", CD, LP (ecco.chamber)

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