also known as: Franz Adrian Wenzl
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Fotograf: Ingo Pertramer ©


General Information

Year of Foundation:  2002


Austrofred, born 1970 in Steyr/Upper Austria, unmarried, lives and works in the capital.


At the age 17 years, the trained forwarding merchant stood on a rock stage for the first time. Being the keyboardist of the dance and show band Crazy Diamonds, he soon celebrated regional successes, when in the mid-nineties artistic differences in the band forced him to take the risky step into musical and economic independence.


The Austropop-refinements of  the biggest hits of the rock-group Queen finally led to the breakthrough of Austrofred. Repertoire highlights such as the radio-bomb "Eich Dodln gib i Gas" or his protest ballad "Hitr@dio Gaga" are as popular to the general public as to his reviewers. Ever since the Champion, as he is called by his loving fans, not only shines in the role of the rock-singer and entertainer, but also delivers a brilliant performance as actor (most recently in the reality documentary "Giving gas!"), TV-presenter ("Hello Austrofred - Hello Vienna") and author ("Alpenkönig und Menschenfreund").
Today Austrofred is one of the most important media-artists in the whole of Austria.

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