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Gustav is a music project from Vienna that most easily fits into the Pop genre, although electronic influences have repeatedly impressed themselves on the musical style of the band. Eva Jantschitsch is the musician behind Gustav. The name of the project comes from the fact that her father originally wished for a boy, who would have been named Gustav. 

Gustav has had a reputation well before winning the Amadeus Award in 2005. Her debut album “Rettet die Wale” already found positive reviews from the critics. Proof that Gustav was more than jus a one hit wonder came in the form of her sophomore work “Verlass die Stadt”.

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  • 2008: Verlass die Stadt (Chicks on Speed Records)
  • 2004: Rettet die Wale (Mosz Records)


  • 2015: Nestroy Theater Award
  • 2013: Vienna Women's Award
  • 2013: Austrian Movie Award
  • 2005: Amadeus Award as "FM4 Alternative Act des Jahres"

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Contact Person:  Jantschitsch Eva
Website:  Homepage Gustav