Eva K. Anderson
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Instrument: vocals

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Anderson Eva K.

General Information

Place of Birth:  Leoben
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Eva K. Anderson has a special passion: She collects stories. She stretches her sensors into the universe, turns the frequency wheels and listens to the cosmic noise, until something suddenly catches her attention. In this moment the ears and the heart are convinced that this is the next story waiting to be told. Eva hovers over each of these tales like a colorful butterfly and whispers: "Tell me, tell me!". And then the butterfly tickles Eva's vocal chords and she starts to sing the tale coming from a world of freedom, security and love. Stories about the power of thought, the fulfillment of heart's desires. Pop songs that tell of paradise and elves and fairies. Pop songs that create a world that is special to Eva.
Eva K. Anderson celebrated her biggest success as the songwriter of the no. 1 hit "Ich Lebe", sung by Christina Stürmer, and for which she received numerous gold and platinum awards in Austria and Germany.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

learned recorder, guitar, saxophone, piano and singing as a child

business studies (Mag.)




about 2 million sold records (including compilations)

Performances (Selection)


numerous live concerts and TV appearances in Austria (including a performance at bestselling author Paulo Coelho's private party at Melk and the ORF Licht ins Dunkel Gala 2009)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

3rd place at the Ö3-Soundcheck with the song "Fortune Teller"


2 nominations in the categories "Best Song" and "Best Pop Artist" for the Austrian music award "Amadeus Award"


5th place at the Austrian ORF live TV decision for the Eurovision Song Contest with "I Will Be Here"


cultural award

3-times gold award winner in Austria for the song "Ich Lebe" (sung by Christina Stürmer)

1-time gold award winner for the single "Ich Lebe" in Germany

4-times platinum award winner for the album "Freier Fall" in Austria

2-times platinum award winner for the album "Schwarz Weiss" in Germany

number 7 in the Austrian Top 40 singles charts with "Fortune Teller", 17 weeks in the chart rankings and intense radio airplay on Ö3, Antenne Steiermark and many others

number 7 in the Austrian Top 40 singles charts with "A Sound Of Silence", 21 weeks in the chart rankings and 12 months of intense radio airplay

Discography, Projects


  • 2013: Go With The Flow (Pate Records / Sona Mea - rough trade)
  • 2009: Fortune Teller (Pate Records; rough trade)

Contact, Links

Website:  eva-k-anderson.com