Franziska Abgottspon
Nickname: Eloui
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Instrument: bass guitar, vocals

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Abgottspon Franziska

General Information

Year of Birth:  1972
Date of Birth:  12. October 1972
Country of Birth: 


Raised in Switzerland, she moved to Vienna in 1993, where she has been living ever since. At the Academy of Fine Arts she studied artistic teaching and attended a master class for tapestry with Josef Schulz and Edelbert Köb. After completing her studies, she soon turned to music and has been playing in various formations and as a solo artist since 2006. As a bass player she is active with the bands Ernesty International, Thalija and Brainmanagerz and also works with other bands and musicians (Mauracher, M185, Gudrun von Laxenburg).


Her solo debut album Chasing Atoms was released in November 2011 and presented at the Waves Vienna Music Festival In 2012 and was nominated for the FM4-Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. Her style of avant-garde pop has been described by critics as a "synthesis of pop and electronica" or "electronic songwriting gentleness and folky travelling guitar spinning", rhythmically moving in the direction of trip hop.


Franziska aka Eloui performs live in a variety of projects, solo or as a duett with violinist Christoph Mateka (Gudrun Von Laxenburg), or in larger ensembles with strings, wind instruments and choir.



ever since running the label EMG - Ernsty Music Group (together with Ernst Tiefenthaler and Alexander Diesenreiter)


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nominated for FM4-Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards

Discography, Projects



  • 2015: Tangles And Loose Ends (EMG)
  • 2011: Chasing Atoms (EMG)



  • 2012: FM4 Soundselection 27
  • 2009: Poem/e/s
  • 2008: Name
  • 2007: Schubert Is Not Dead

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