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General Information

BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR already promise a very exciting and unusual listening experience and take us on a sound journey free from all stylistic concepts in the spirit of avant-garde. Innovative, multi-layered, atmospheric, dark, complex, weird and violent. In any case, just the right dosis for those who are always looking for the unconventional and new.


Those who know the current projects of the five protagonists of this extraordinary band project, know that the music of BROKEN.HEART.COLLECTOR cannot be described with conventional categorization attempts. The members are all true musical free spirits that do not really care much about stylistic boundaries. 

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
bass clarinet, alto saxophone
vocals, recorder

further musicians:
Roland Rathmair
Manfred Eneglmayr
Didi Kern

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2012: RIP39
  • 2011: Moorworks (Japan only)
  • 2011: Discorporate Records
  • 2011: Rock is Hell
  • 2008: Strange Fruit 7“

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