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General Information

Year of Birth:  1976
Date of Birth:  8. May 1976
Place of Birth:  Lustenau
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Daniela Fischer is a musician, composer and performer who lives and works in Vienna, Madrid and Ibiza.


While studying classical and baroque violin, she came in contact with World-Music, Klezmer, Flamenco, Jazz and other styles. She also done various projects involving experimental electronic music in which she uses the violin in combination with effect pedals and synthesizers and plays the singing saw. In addition to her solo performances, she collaborates with various other musicians, bands, vocalists, DJs, dancers and visual-artists and composes soundtracks and sound-designs for films, documentaries, theater and contemporary dance.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

start of basic music education

1986 - 1990

secondary school for music

1995 - 2000


2000 - 2003

studies in applied music, diploma with distinction



ever since teaching assignment at Amadeus International School Vienna

2011 - 2013

workshops: popsong-production/rhytmic/dance/improvisation at MMS Thüringen


teacher of a master-class violin at MMS Thüringen

member of various chamber-music ensembles, Landessinfonieorchester Vorarlberg, Kammerphilharmonie Wien, active in various opera-productions, Kammeroper Wien, Jugendsinfonieorchester Dornbirn

member of the Chamber Orchestra Basel, Concerto Stella Matutina, La Capilla Real, Barucco, L'Ofreo (Baroque Music)

participation in several bands such as Mozartband, Gottfried, KLF (Klezmer Liberation Front), Klezbrulee, Klezjazz, Maxmaber Orkestar (Triest), Mirada de Vaca (Madrid), Veilchenquintett, LA Bigband, Crèpe Noir

collaborations with DJs (e.g. Deep Dive Corp. (Peter Musebrink) during the Klezmore-Festival Vienna, Donaufest Ulm, Wunderbar-Festival Bremen, Soundtrack for Silent Movies of E. Lubitsch - Stumm&Laut Festival, Klezmore-Festival)

music for silent-movies ("Fräulein Else" – Klezmore Festival Vienna 2013, 2East West2 – Jewish Filmfestival Vienna 2009 & Kino der Orte Spezial 2013, "Austernprinzessin" – Klezmore-Festival Vienna 2012, 2Ich möchte kein Mann sein"- Stumm&Laut-Festival 2012)

theater/dance: collaboration with dancers, Kammerspiele Vienna, Lustspielhaus Vienna

show-performances: Violin-Mask (Ibiza, Supperclub Vienna), production ORF with I. Kircher, F. Muliar, R. Henning), Silhouette Presentation-Show (Las Vegas, Arizona, Sydney, Kopenhagen etc.) (2009/2010),  Look at Austrian Art (2014)

Discography, Projects


  • 2017: CocoonCrash - Rising (EP)
  • 2017: CocoonCrash - Metamorphosis (EP)
  • 2010: Traveling the Day (ArtEdge Records)