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General Information

Year of Foundation:  2011


The good thing about pop music is that even when you think it has all been done before, there are always surprising new acts that leave you in awe. This is exactly the case with the Viennese duo Fijuka with singer/synthesizer-player Ankathie Koi and bassist/singer Judith Filimónova being the two heads behind this band project.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
bass-guitar, vocals
vocals, guitar, keyboard

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2015: Use my Soap (Seayou Records)
  • 2013: Fijuka (Seayou Records)
  • 2013: Behave - from now on (EP; Seayou Records)

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Website:  Homepage Fijuka