Julian & Der Fux
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Julian & Der Fux

General Information

Year of Foundation:  2012


The two Viennese producers Julian Hruza and Domenic Plainer aka Lupo aka der Fux knew each other quite a while before they founded their duo project Julian & Der Fux early 2012.


Their first single "Speckbrot", and the according Video, made a great foundation: running, among others, at the Crossing Europe Filmfestival in Linz and at the Vienna Independent Shorts. The following singles "Altes Ego" and "Hin Und Weg" achieved placements in the top 5 and higher in the FM4 charts and were great successes, as was their collaboration with the producer and DJ Ken Hayakawa. In the same time the great remix compilation "Mischwald Kapitel Eins" appeared with contributions from Bernhard Fleischmann, Burnin Tears, Denis Yashin and many other Austrian artists. Among other highlights of the last years were the new interpretation of "Wie Geht Es?" from the Erste Wiener Heimorgelorchester, which was part of the release "Transformator 1" on Monkey music, as well as contributions to the FM4 Sound Selection- and Sunny Side Up-Compilation, to name a few.
Latest release "Mr. King", a fresh song in the new Viennese sound. Included with the release were new remixes of various classics, among others from Gomma founder Telonius and MOTSA. The new interpretation of "Voodoo" from the electrorokoko formation Johann Sebastian Bass, which was transformed to "Wuuduu", again shows their versatility.


In their both energized and danceable shows the duo takes their audience on a voyage under the shadows of the night along the human abysses to the euphoric arrival of dawn.

Lineup/Description of Style


  • Julian Hruza
  • Dominic Plainer



Description of Style:

In musical terms, Julian and the Fux have their roots in 1980s electro-pop and employ musical elements of lounge and house music. The music is bass- and synthesizer-heavy with a smoky and deep voice. The music is always created in a team. The two producers describe their production process as a sort of musical ping-pong. Both are equal develop the music together.

Discography, Performances, Projects



  • 2015: Vanille (j.hruza records)
  • 2013: Mischwald Kapitel Eins (j.hruza records / Soulfood)


EPs and singles:

  • 2014: Hin und Weg (EP; j.hruza records)
  • 2014: Mr. King (EP; j.hruza records)
  • 2013: Über den Dächern (EP; j.hruza records)
  • 2013: Über den Dächern - Remixes (EP; Devoted Tunes)
  • 2013: Mischwald Kapitel Eins (12'', j.hruza records)
  • 2012: Speckbrot (Single; j.hruza records)
  • 2012: Altes Ego (Single; j.hruza records)