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Ensemble Delirio

General Information

Besides choosing Vienna as their hometown, the four musicians share many years of music collaborations in various internationally renowned ensembles. A mutual understanding, a natural awareness for each other, both on a personal and interpretative level, and the willingness to learn from each other and grow together, form the basis of the ensemble's foundation. The appropriate articulation for each style, the distinctness of each voice, and an unmistakable clarity in the statements, are particular objectives of the ensemble, alongside spontaneity and liveliness; and last but not least - the joy of making music together.



Lineup/Description of Style

David Drabek (violin)

Pablo de Pedro (viola)

Philipp Comploi (cello)

Jeremy Joseph (organ/harpsichord)

Description of Style:
The Ensemble Delirio specializes in original sound and interpretation of works from the early Baroque to Romanticism. 

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2014: Velvet (CDelirio)
  • A Week of Telemann

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Website:  delirio.at