Ensemble NAMES
also known as: New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg
Registered as:

Ensemble NAMES

General Information

Year of Foundation:  2014


The recently formed New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg focuses on a repertoire composed of classics of contemporary literature of the previous century as well as premiers of younger composers. Our goal is to sharpen contrasts, test concepts and recontextualize elements of traditon. The musicians, who come from six different European countries, are always seeking encounters with other musical genres out  of recognition that music, alongside its purely acoustic character, possesses an additional sphere of influence. Through a combination of profound craftsmanship and  a desire to exchange musical ideas, the New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg is emerging as an international and sustainable laboratory in the heart of Mozart's city, in which lovers of new thoughts and sounds can experiment.


Source: homepage of the ensemble

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
piano, artistic direction

other members:

  • Elise Douylliez - violin
  • Marina Iglesias - flute
  • Anna Lindenbaum - violin
  • Špela Mastnak - percussions
  • Laure-Hélène Michel - cello
  • Leo Morello - cello
  • Josef A. Ramsauer - conductor, artistic direction
  • Marco Sala - clarinet


former members:

  • Itzam Zapata - composer

Performing Band/Ensemble of (Composition)

Contact, Links

Contact Person:  Matthias Leboucher
Website:  Ensemble NAMES