A.G. Trio
also known as: AGES
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A.G. Trio

General Information

Year of Foundation:  2004


The band was founded in 2004 during a joint tour of the members Roland von der Aist, Andy Korg & Aka Tell in Novi Sad (Serbia). A.G.Trio is known for his extensive live performances and remixes by artists such as Parov Stelar. Already having been very active in the domestic and international club scene for some years, it was not until spring of 2012 that the A.G. Trio from Linz could publish their own full-length album - a double album titled Action, which contains own productions as well as remixes.
After several tours with her debut album, the band released a compilation called Reaction, which contains remixes of the past two years. In an interview with the magazine The Gap in April 2014, the band confirmed that they were working on their second album.


In December 2014, the band launched a new project called AGES and released the album Roots in November 2015.

Lineup/Description of Style


Roland von der Aist
Andy Korg
Aka Tell

Discography, Performances, Projects



  • 2015: Roots ("Projekt AGES"; Etage Noir Special)
  • 2012: Action (2xCD, Etage Noir Special)



  • 2014: Reaction (CD, Etage Noir Special)


Singles and EPs:

  • 2013: Slice & Stitch EP (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2013: Duckstep (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2012: Give A Damn (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2012: Moldance (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2012: Countably Infinite feat. M. Zahradnicek (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2012: Everyone Withs Us (Remixes) (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2011: Everyone With Us (Digital, Etage Noir Special)2010: Planet Disco (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2010: Bass Effect (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2010: Dancen (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2009: Zombies In The Disco (Digital, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2009: Replay (Digital, Freaks Like Us! Entertainment)
  • 2009: Things You Wanna Play (Digital, Freaks Like Us! Entertainment)
  • 2009: Electro Messiah (Digital)



  • 2010: "Soundpark Band of the Year" of the radio-station FM4
  • 2013: nominated in the categories "Electronic/Dance" and "FM4 Award" at the Amadeus Austrian Music Award