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General Information

Year of Foundation:  2006


In 2006 a German and two Hungarian decided to make music together by using a Jew's harp, a didgeridoo and human beatboxing. And because each of the three is in need of much air for the creation of his sound, they have simply called themselves Airtist.


Airtist is a unique music project that creates the atmosphere of electronic dance music with ancient instruments and human voice. The didgeridoo, the Jew's harp and the human beatbox together create an unmatchable soundworld that is so typical to Airtist. The band don't use any electronically produced sound. Only the natural vibration of their instruments is what makes people dance.


Since 2007 Airtist have played at the biggest music festivals in Europe, have made people dance in more than 20 countries at world-music events, electronic parties, music clubs and various occasions and fests. First studio album, Wireless came out in 2007, in 2013 the band has released a live album, On Air featuring MC Fantom from Subculture Revolution. Their second studio album is due late 2013.
The band uses the most ancient instruments, air and the energy given by the Nature to create music that brings people to a deliberating dance and let their spirit fly. It's important for Airtist to live in harmony with each other and the nature and they keep this in focus not only in their music but also in their lives.

Lineup/Description of Style


Áron Szilágyi (jew's harp)
Döme (human beat-box)
Markus Meurer (didgeridoo)
MC Fantom (since 2012, vocals)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2013: On Air (Aural Records)
  • 2007: Wireless (Aural Records)