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Ash My Love

General Information


Andreas Dauböck and Ursula Winterauer together form the band Ash My Love.
They celebrate minimalist rock in the guise of Blues.

Lineup/Description of Style


Andreas Dauböck
Ursula Winterauer


Description of style:

Andreas D. and Ursula W. can be found at the roots of the Delta Bluesand are committed to the concept of simplification. Bass-driven, highly repetitive elements and a certain tendency to trash then turn into sound which twiddles with confusability and distinctiveness. Lamentations on the transience of life and love, which are tragical and comical at the same time.

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2015: Bulbul (7'', Noise Appeal Records/Rock Is Hell)
  • 2014: Honeymoon Blues (Noise Appeal Records)
  • 2013: Heart EP (7'', The Vinyl Heart Club Records)
  • 2012: The Lobbyist (Single, Pumpkin Records)