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General Information

Year of Foundation:  2012


It's the infinite and mysterious expanse of space, which the Viennese producer-duo Austrian Apparel has chosen to become their musical leitmotif.

Lineup/Description of Style


Dominik Traun
Sebastian Wasner

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2017: Planetary Magnitude (Schönbrunner Perlen)
  • 2016: Forest Inside (Single, digital)
  • 2016: Naifu No Kato (Single, digital)
  • 2015: Shimmering Koi (Single, digital)
  • 2015: BIKO (Single, digital)
  • 2013: Infinite (Single, digital)
  • 2013: Wltrm (Single, digital)
  • 2012: Ultra (Single, digital)