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General Information

Year of Foundation:  1997


The trio was formed in 1997 in Vienna.
In addition to their activity with Radian all of the band-members also pursue other projects.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
guitar, lapsteel, electronics
drums, vibraphone, samples, editing

former members of the band:


Description of Style:

Taking influences from experimental music, post-rock and jazz, the band has created a style which is close to the sound aesthetics of the electronic Clicks-&-Cuts-genre.
Their principle is the tension field between electronic and acoustic instruments. This tension field reveals a self-defined microcosm in which minute changes and modulations within the structure of sound and rhythm are the real parameters of dynamics. The layers are stacked, similar to an overlapping of different rough surfaces, to form a homogeneous texture of sound and noise.

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2016: On Dark Silent Off (thrilljockey)
  • 2014: Radian Verses Howe Gelb (Radian Releases)
  • 2009: Chimeric (thrilljockey)
  • 2004: Juxtapositionen (thrilljockey)
  • 2003: Rec.Extern (thrilljockey)
  • 2000: TG 11 (Rhiz Records/Mego)
  • 1998: Radian (Rhiz Records)

Press Reviews

Radian: scratchy, staticky noises by an austrian electronic trio, accompanied by real bass and drums, which give it a delicious tension. New York Times Nothing much happens, but what happens is executed with such concentration, stringency, and sobriety that it is the best and most important that could have happened. The drums sound wonderfully pure and I have rarely heard such a sophisticated incorporation of electronics. It is almost unsettling how exactly these guys know what they are after.



The Radian EP picks up from where the Germans and the Americans lost the plot to retro-fetishism and indulgence. Martin Brandlmayr, Stefan Nemeth and John Norman saw the detours and ignored them. Their studio tracks have been broken down and finessed into concise cellular units with which flawless music can be constructed. With such selective sampling, everything heard on Radian is perfect and precise.



During the "Konfrontationen" in Nickelsdorf the trio Radian impressed with their exact etherial explorations. The ether shakes and whizzes, it crackles and breaks. The noises of the young Austrian trio make the air seem to be full of scars. Soon it becomes obvious that it is not unwanted static one is hearing but austere, beautiful music that is entwining around a hypnotic rhythm that keeps rising and falling and is always there even if it is inaudible for a few seconds. Rarely does one get the chance to hear a performance of such exact structure and planned to the very split second. In a breathtaking concert the band explores the potential of their electronic instrumentation.

Die Presse


Rather restrained and calm as well as with the necessary ear for chronological sequences - that is how the trio Radian make their appearance. Radian work as a band, a rare feat in the field of electronic music, using drums, bass, analogue synthesizer, and sampler to work with the inner tension field of sounds. They switch them around and combine them with the possibilities of diversifying that arise during the performance. This results in grooves that - if the audience had the courage - could move to dance or at least to shake with the groove. Maybe Radian is simply the first model band whose dynamic structures don’t crave speed but tranquilizer.

Christof Kurzmann

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