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Art Of Fear

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Joe Künz, Johannes Leierer and Thomas Metzler are three musicians that have all previously played in various bands. Due to their extensive live and studio experience from their former bands, the first self-titled mini-CD was already recorded in the first year of the band's foundation and brought rave reviews. The three guys soon went back to the rehearsal room to prepare for the second CD. During intensive rehearsing sessions, their rough and straight trash metal became more variable and diverse through clearly audible power metal influences. Further CDs were recorded.

Lineup/Description of Style

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further musicians:
Joe Künz (drums)
Thomas Metzler (guitar, voice)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2001: Xi-Factor 2
  • 1999: Eternal Mournung Compilation 2
  • 1997: Art Of Fear

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Contact Person:  Leierer Johannes