Bock & Leiermusik Kremsmünster
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Bock & Leiermusik Kremsmünster

General Information

The Bock & Leiermusik Kremsmünster was founded by two street musicians (bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy) and turned into a very vivid music band. Over time the group was expanded with violins, clarinet, bass clarinet, double bass and various percussion instruments. The cast is variable with 4-7 musicians. Particularly noteworthy are the "self-made" songs that continue to amaze. International appearances in West Africa, Brazil, Brussels and Venice consistently add to the drive of this band. An ideal addition are  the concerts with the prominent sociologist Prof. Roland Girtler - this combination is fabulous and should be ordered in advance.


Lineup/Description of Style

Rudolf Lughofer (bagpipes, violin)

Gudrun Kepplinger (violin)
Elfriede Lacherstorfer (double bass)
Dietmar Gondosch (clarinet)

Hans Theiss (clarinet)

Franz Lacherstorfer (hurdy-gurdy, torupill)

Description of Style:
Authentic, unadorned folk music with swing elements

Contact, Links

Contact Person:  Theiss Johann