Kollegium Kalksburg
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Kollegium Kalksburg

General Information


Under the motto: What would Vienna (was waäre Wien, a wordplay based on the similar sound between the German word for Vienna and if), the three jazz musicians used the occasion of the Herz.Ton.Wien. Festivals in March 1996, to dedicate themselves to the viennese vocal & music tradition. Bearing this heavy burden, the three viennese musicans sing and play original Wienerlieder in top quality. From Jazz (alcohol is not a solution) remains only the breathing. Their thoroughly studied instruments (bass, bassoon, percussion) remain uplucked, unblown and unbeaten at home. Plucked is a standup bass, blown a comb and harmonica, bowed a saw and and every non-viennese memory struck from memory. (Wine plays an important role!) It is sung. Rhymed and unrhymed are brought violently to execution.


The three band leaders are dilettantes in the best sense of the word.  Fanatics for expression, great explorers in the realm of the sublime, the ugly and horrible, even greater discoverers of effects, in the art of spectacle. All with talents far beyond their genius. Virtuosos through and through! Enemies of logic and the straight line, covetous of the strange, the exotic, the monstrous.
Covetous of all opiates of the senses and the mind. On the whole the are boldly adventuring, magnificently violent, loftily soaring and traveling kind of artists who teaching the new millennium a new definition of the wort artist.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
accordion, singing saw, vocals
double bass, vocals
vocals, comb, euphonium

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2013: Weid sama kuma
  • 2011: Schee is wos aundas vol 1+2
  • 2008: Wiad scho wean
  • 2005: Oid+Blad
  • 2004: Imma des Söwe
  • 2002: A Höd is a Schiggsoi
  • 2000: S Spüt Si O
  • 1999: Sis Wos Se Bittls
  • 1998: Oid und Blad
  • 1997: Bessa Wiads Nimma
  • 1996: Maschmusig fia Sizznbleiwa

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