5.4.xx Mühlbacher
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5.4.xx Mühlbacher

General Information

Year of Foundation:  1997

The essence of this project is the unique combination of compositional concept and the spontaneous reflection of the individual, carefully selected players.

The name 5.4. comes from the annual concert event held in the Viennese venue Porgy & Bess. 

Each 5.4. has its own topic. In 1997 the focus was on the development of music in time, in 1998 the ballad, in 1999 rhythm and noise, in 2000 hymns and chorales, in 2001 New Orleans, etc.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument

90% of the pieces are composed by Mühlbacher, are tailored for the respective event, and are complemented by some, correlating with the topic, well-known foreign compositions or traditionals. The musicians are consistently musical individualists and excellent improvisers. These constellations guarantee an exciting and varied concert that is always recorded and released on the label Extraplatte in a slightly shortened version. 

Constantly changing line-up in accordance with the event.

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Contact Person:  Mühlbacher Christian