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Diana Symbiosis

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Just like a classic band story, 4 of the 5 symbionts became acquainted in school ... together they played rock and pop covers in a school band, until Diana wanted to arrange  own, already accumulated compositions with a part of the old band line-up. 

Together they performed a few gigs in Vienna, until Diana (vocalist and drummer) became the front figure of the band and was joined by Beni picked as the drummer.

The first demo album was produced in a home studio, until Christian Kardeis (Falco-a cyber show, Count Basic ...) offered his services as a producer in 2001. The aim was to pair electronic elements with heavy guitars. Paul Pluesh, who in the meantime worked with Xandl (bass) and some other Viennese electronic musicians in a cult studio, immediately agreed to create a remix of the song "Shine" with X&L.


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Contact Person:  Lueger Diana