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Year of Foundation:  1981

The “JONESMOBILe" has been making an impression on an international music audience for over three decades. The award winning ensemble around Christine Jones has taken their distillation of jazz, pop and folk music to almost every continent on the planet. And they have earned a reputation for guaranteeing the best live performances. Not surprising considering the musicians whose careers were formed over the course of time: Hans Salomon, Bobby Dodge and Joris Dudli for example, or George Farmer, Bumi Fian and Paul Fields; Lee Harper was a part as was Heinz Jäger, Karl Ratzer or Peter Paul Skrepek.


And then there is the musical nucleus that has been keeping the mobile on the road since the very beginning: Aaron Wonesch, Peter Schrammel, Tommy Böröcz and Harry Putz.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument
piano, keyboards & accordion

Thomas Böröcz (drums)
Harry Putz (bass)

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Contact Person:  Jones Christine