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Year of Foundation:  2002


Contour are a slow-motion guitar drift and tone-float ensemble whose members are partly also involved in other groups of the Karate-Joe-universe. On their striking debut, Contour work in a mode - creating detailed harmonic explorations with lush, reverbed guitars,bass, electronics and vibes. The jet-stream from the tail-ends of Sonic Youth tracks, blue standing-wave bass hum and circular melodic guitar-bells coalesce seamlessly into one slow moving cloud of pure-string heaven. Patiently exploring melodic/harmonic permutations with sleepy precision, in moments floating in and out of consciousness yet remaining compositionally together, notes seem to fall out of nowhere and land perfectly in place on the first three tracks. The chiming interwoven guitar phrases of the middle section give way to distant static hum and late night minor key drone. By the albums end, strings sweep up the tempo in a minimalistic fashion - completing a work which has as much to do with dissolving the soluble borders of post-rock and electronica.

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