Complizen, Die
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Complizen, Die

General Information

Vienna and surrounding areas were and are the venues and the creative inspiration of the Complizen for their lyrics and their music. Stories about life, political issues and ballads about being different and the outsiders of the city are the themes of their songs.


Lineup/Description of Style

Maria Derflinger (rhythm guitar)
Dagmar Meindl (flute)
Michael Meindl (vocals and keys)
Markus Roubin (solo guitar)
Roman Tofek (drums)
Martin Urwaleck (bass)

Description of Style:
pop and rock with Viennese flair, music with profound lyrics beyond the mainstream

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • 2004: Sperrstund
  • 2002: Ohne Waffen
  • 2000: Intercity 662
  • 1999: Staatsbankett

Contact, Links

Contact Person:  Roubin Markus