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Coyoba can be many things: in the language of the Arawak Indians, it means "heavenly", and in Jamaica, there are several holiday destinations with that name.

Just as the many meanings of the name Coyoba, the music of this band from Styria is very versatile. It merges a wide variety of personal listening habits: from indie rock of the 80s, British guitar rock of the 90's to modern alternative rock. Ultimately, it is simply rock music.

Since 2002, Caroline di Bernardo (vocals), Michael Pirker (bass), Helmut Reininger (electric guitar), Christian Moser (electric guitar), Clara Murnig (keyboards) and Benjamin Wonisch (drums) have been playing music together. The live qualities of the band have been noticed beyond the borders of Styria: performances in several Austrian provinces and the semi-finals at the Austrian Band Contest are just some of the successes that the band Coyoba can claim for itself.


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