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From the initial punk-trash-rock style with the dark background (1995), b.o.s. has developed into an avant-garde electro/rock formation. The trio released its first three songs in 1996 on the ebensee compilation "die rückkehr des unbegreiflichen" and in the same year another two tracks on the ekh compilation. In 1998 they moved to the country and worked on themselves and their music. Soon enough they were playing concerts all over Austria. To name a few venues: Bach, Chelsea, B72, rhiz, Couchuc, Tüwi-Fest, Burg Forchtenstein, Dreamoffice Open Air Prater, Cultur Factory (Lustenau), Utopia (Innsbruck) and as a highlight supporting Zita Swoon in the Szene in Vienna. In 2003 they put out their first release "0Land" with the record label Angelika Köhlermann.

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Contact Person:  Sommer Sabine