Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest
also known as: ACF Budapest

Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest

General Information

The emphasis of the cultural projects of the Austrian Culture Forum Budapest lies in the broadest possible presentation of contemporary Austrian cultural creations. Important focus points include dance, dance theatre and all forms of contemporary music. The presentation of Austria film production, from feature films to avant-garde is an equally important program element as the are of exhibitions, whereby the focus of the next few years will lie in the whole breadth of Austrian photography and Architecture with a particular emphasis on the youngest generation of Austrian architects. The coordination of collaborations between universities, schools, and other educational institutions is another very important aspect of the work of the Forum.


Austrian Culture Forum Budapest is part of a network of 30 Culture Forums throughout the world. The Culture Forums are an important instrument for Austrian cultural politics. The organisation is subordinate to the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration, and Foreign Affairs in Vienna. Every Culture Forum concentrates on the specific needs of their local users and partners and is individually responsible for their unique cultural program.

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