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General Information

Year of Foundation:  1964

In 1964 the "Kammerorchester Joseph Haydn Eisenstadt" was founded with Prof. Karl Gradwohl functioning as chairman and Prof. Eduard Ehrenreich as artistic director. The primary goal was the cultivation of orchestral music, particularly the works of Joseph Haydn, and the support of young musicians. It was strongly supported by the politcal representatives of the country. The orchestra developed further which restuled in an expansion of their repertoires.

Under the leadership of later chairpersons Kurt Gradwohl, Rudolf Morawitz, Julius Lentsch, Dr. Roland Graschitz, the conductor Mag. Wolfgang Lentsch (active since 1981) and the very engaged and competent concert master Mag.a Johanna Ensbacher the ensemble achieved anew artistic niveau. MMag.a Katrin Gstöttenbauer was the first woman to take the helm and guide the orchestras destiny. As a trained soloist and graduate of the culture mamangement department at the University for Music and Performing Arts, she was predestined to bring new ideas, responsibillities, and impulses and to make s usccesful future possible for the only standing symphony orchestra in Burgenland. After four years of restructucturing of the music managment by Katrin Gstöttenbauer, Judith Rechnitzer is now the second woman in the leading position. As a long time musician in the orchestra (viola) she knows the musicians and history of the organisation and is particualry well suited to continue long-standing concert series as well as implementing new concepts developed together with the cultural partners of the region.

Lineup/Description of Style

1. Violin 

Ensbacher Johanna

Dreo Martin

Geng Lingyan

Guillen Corinna

Hölscher Eva

Hotz Helma

Katter Katharina

Pock Sabine

Rechnitzer Stefanie

Tinhof Susanne

Weisz Christian


2. Violin 

Lentsch Julius

Graschitz Roland

Jelinek Ernst

Katter Barbara

Lentsch Brigitte

Schreiber Monika

Steininger Wolfgang

Zink Harald



Hao Yu

Frohnwieser Constanzia

Konrad Diethard

Ratschan Johann

Rechnitzer Judith

Schedl Wilhelm

Supper Martina

Zechmeister Erich



Seidl Raimund

Böcskör Theresa

Böhm Romana

Kaschmitter Claudia

Musa-Wieschhoff Renata

Tades Helmuth

Thaller Anna

Tinhof Eleonora



Grath Kurt

Clauss Ursula

Morawitz Rudolf



Lentsch Alexandra

Grosinger Judith



Schreiber Peter

Hombauer Stefanie



Gstöttenbauer Katrin 

Ivanschitz Ewald

Neuwirth Jürgen



Pfleger Kurt

Budimaier Katarina



Holpfer Martin

Janezic Florian

Reif Josef



Bauer Peter

Eiweck Julius

Koll Verena

Stangl Johann



Jakelj Peter

Vigh Sándor

Wallner Christina



Kleidosty Günther


Timpani and Percussion

Landl Thomas

Tinhof Friedrich


Musical Direction

Lentsch Wolfgang



Style Description:

THe continuous professionalisation of the orchestra has allowed it to perform works for large ensebles such as Händel's "Messias", Haydn's oratorios  "Die Schöpfung" and the "Jahreszeiten", Orff's "Carmina Burana", Verdi's "Requiem", Mendelssohn's "Elias", the great symphonies of the classic and romantic as well as contemporary works from regional composers like Jenö Takacs and Otto Strobl. This meant that the name no longer fit the reality. That is why in February 2008 the general assembly decided to change the name from "Kammerorchester Joseph Haydn Eisenstadt" to "Haydnorchester Eisenstadt".

The repertoire of the Haydnorchesters Eisenstadt is borad and goes far beyond the works of Joseph Haydn. Aside from the previsouly mentioned works of Händel, Orff, Mendelssohn and Verdi the works of Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorák, Mozart, and Schubert are on their musical "menu". They have also made a name for themselves in Burgenland with their New Years concert featuring the works of Strauß. 

Contact, Links

Contact Person:  Gstöttenbauer Katrin
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