also known as: Birgit Denk
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photographer: Johannes Tichy ©


General Information

Year of Foundation:  1999


It wasn't that long ago that pop sung in Austrian dialect was looked down upon by some of the self-proclaimed experts. Autropop was out, or at least most certainly not in and ignored by most of the mainstream. But, as so often happens, some music styles manage to come back from the dead. One musician who was never ashamed to show her appreciation for Austropop was Birgit Denk.


DENK, the band around the vocalist and storyteller Birgit Denk has been around since 1999. Their goal? Keep the sound of Austrian music alive. That meant writing new music, finding new combinations of instruments, and occasionally dusting off some audience favourites in order to create something completely new.

Lineup/Description of Style

Band/Ensemble MemberInstrument

further musicians:

  • Birgit Denk (vocals)
  • Alexander Horstmann (bass, vocals) 
  • Thomas "TT" Tinhof (guitar, bouzuki, mandolin, cajon, vocals)
  • Harald Wiesinger (keyboards)
  • Philipp Mayer (drums, percussion)

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • Ich wünsch mir zum Geburtstag einen Vorderzahn (Birgit Denk & die Novaks)
  • Tua weida
  • Ausgsteckt in Rappoltenkirchen (DVD/CD, Universal)
  • Laut (CD, Universal)
  • Hoits eich au (CD, Universal)
  • Ausgsteckt (CD, Musica)
  • Denk (EP, Rohscheibe)