Werner Eugen Lardy
Registered as:

Lardy Werner Eugen

General Information

Year of Birth:  1941
Date of Birth:  21. July 1941

Description of Style

My musical language is tonal in the sense of classical-romantic tradition, and also free tonal, since I use more complex sounds which cannot be allocated to any particular style.  Substantially, the triadic harmony remains the triggering moment for my compositional designs. It's my ambition to emulate the "classics" of different stylistic periods. When using the term "classical" I talk about the equivalent and balanced treatment of melody, harmony, rhythm and form, as for example found with Mozart. Another classic for me is Stravinsky who, next to Bartók, is in my opinion the most impressive composer. I personally do not believe in the dogmas of a certain avant-garde, which for example do not tolerate any triads. I also do not believe in any continuous progress in the sense of a linear conception of time. Is the latest product always the best? It is at best up to date, and a rather short-lived thing. Nowadays, commerce is the driving force behind many innovations. This has little to do with the laws of art! To me composing is an activity of the mind, by which I understand a higher unity of mind and feeling, and in which intuition and instinct come to serve in a leading position. This description of style and my personal "creed" as a composer show my current standpoint. Everything is still open. I do not want to commit myself to single choices. As we know, the personal style can indeed change. Composing is a dynamic process, because it's also a creative one. Every description is a static snaphot. 


Werner Eugen Lardy, 1994