Angela Berann
Instrument: percussion, drums

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Berann Angela

General Information

Place of Birth:  Innsbruck
Region of Birth: 
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Angela Berann is a drummer, percussionist and visual artist.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1967 - 1975



2-years of graphic school

nude, drawing and painting studies with her father (Henry C. Berann)

Brasil: Afro-Latin percussion (Dudu Tucci)

Netherlands: Afro-Latin percussion (Nippy Noya)

Puerto Rico: Afro-Latin percussion (Freddie Santiago)

Senegal: Afro-Latin percussion (Arona N'Diaye)

USA: Afro-Latin percussion (John Otis)



Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium: since then, teacher of percussion


Angela's Percussion Circus (APC): founder

Biolek's Showbühne: TV-appearance

Instant Soulution: member

Jaw: member of the jazz trio

Klangschaften: member, together with Helmut Scherner

Rhythmsplitting: work on the project

CD-productions for Schmetterlinge, Erwin Steinhauer, Christian Brandauer, Arthur Lauber, Heinz Leonhard Berger "Das weite Land (Michel .Piccoli)", Earth Rise, and others

involvement in the film "Cabaret" (with Liza Minelli)

training of music teachers

jazz, rock, and funk ensembles

leading of numerous workshops, among others at Bruckne-Conservatory Linz, Conservatory of the City of Vienna etc.

several film- and theater-engagements

several publications

ensemble member

studio recordings

on tour in Austria and abroad

numerous exhibitions

collaborated among others with Iviron, Dana Gillespie, Marianne Sägebrecht, Hansi Lang, Big Sissy, Kevin Lambert, Gilbert Price

Performances (Selection)


ever since musical involvement in productions, soloistic at "Merlin", "Hamlet", "Ilias"


other performances e.g. at the Nestroyspiele Schwechat and the Liechtenstein Castle Festival

Press Reviews

She was born with her sense for music. Angela Berann, Austria's first female drummer graduate at the Vienna Conservatory, performed with her Percussion Circus at the Szene Wien and rocked the stage with hot rhythms. 



There was loud premiere applause for the director and the cast of "Merlin". Thanks were also given to Angela Berann. As a percussionist she heated up the battle scenes. 



Solo recital with Elfriede Ott in the Mozart Saal

Elfriede Ott had invited Angela Berann, a musician who provided "rhythms with sounding material". In addition to the drums, which she played virtuosically, she used a lot of other unusual musical instruments.
Ott recited from Kreisler's "Alpenglühen", Bronner's "G'schupften Ferdl" and Wiener's "Ich wünsch mir einen Vorderzahn" and was accompanied by a wealth of sounds, by a sound painting, which matched the contents of the texts. 

Wiener Zeitung 


groovy womann - album reviews

Aided by a couple of keyboardists and a guitarist, Angela Berann performs all of the varied drums and percussion on Groovy Womann. The album certainly is groovy, because it is about a primacy of rhythm and beat. On "Back to the Roots" she contrasts a dull bass drum with the snap of bongos and steel percussion. "Ambience" treads into the coloring area of things that rattle, shake, rasp, and scrape. Berann calls them in as an excellent arrangement to more roots funk. "Cuban Affairs" is the most spacious of Berann's compositions. The terse percussion phrases are disparate in time and stereo location while the keyboard suggests eerie, sci-fi effects. The last half of the piece takes on the aura of a voodoo ceremony soundtrack recorded in a reverberating high school gym, complete with whistles. On "Bubbles of Spirit" the sound of a horn in lament is summoned from the keyboards to accompany rainsticks and rattles in introduction to cymbal- and snare-accompanied bongos. Angela Berann's Groovy Womann is an impressive cornucopia of upbeat and engaging rhythms summoned from eclectic instrumentation. Not only should this be of interest to percussion enthusiasts but also all those that seek vital instrumental music. 

All Music Guide (Tom Schulte)

Discography, Projects


  • Groovy Womann (Solo CD)
  • Valerie
  • Schickeria
  • Earth Rise
  • Das weite Land
  • It is
  • Innanna
  • Die Nacht der Salamander

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