Hajszan Siegfried

General Information

Year of Birth:  1966
Date of Birth:  8. July 1966

Growing up with Burgenland-Croatian and Austrian folk music, Siegfried Hajszan already became familiar with musical instruments at an early age. Three years of music school in Großpetersdorf (accordion). To the annoyance of his mother, changed from the accordion to guitar (self-taught).
The first hard rock band was Wyfalu, followed by the duo Pannonian Cocktail with G. Preiner. Moved to Vienna for work at the age of 20, where he played with various musicians and had the opportunity to play in a temporary rock project with Lukas Ligeti in a band.
After returning to the Burgenland, he went back to his Slavic roots. Croatian Folklore - Tamburizza: Arrangements and songs for tamburizza groups in Burgenland. Active tamburizza player. Parallel rock and dance music formations: Rebeat, S.O.M. Good News.
Married, has a daughter and a barking pet named "Chicco".


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1978 - 1980

Musikschule Großpetersdorf

mostly self-taught



Hardrock-Formation Wyfalu: member

Duo Pannonian Cocktail: member, together with G. Preiner

cooperation with numerous musicians, opportunity to play in a band with Lukas Ligeti during a short-term rock project

active tamburizza-player, arrangements and songs for tamburizza-groups in Burgenland

Description of Style

In my music I almost always focus on the "melodic" idea which is the basis for the composition of a musical work, no matter if it is a song or extensive instrumental work, and regardless of if it's about serious or entertainment music.
My musical interests are therefore not only limited to preferences of some popular genre, but also, to formulate an umbrella term, include jazz, classical music, avant-garde, folk, which styles I will partly include and change within a composition. There was never a concern to specialize myself on one specific style, as I have no musical education. At best (ideally), the ideas will reveal themselves and display a coherent sequence of work phases (countermelody etc.), including arrangement particles, which represent a finished composition.

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