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Frankenberger Stefan


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 "Der unbekannte Soldat" - music for the audio book 2014 1h 3m
2 "I wanna be (made)" - music for the theatre play 2012
3 der Knochenmann (alternative soundtrack) 2010
4 der Räuber (alternative soundtrack) 2010
5 efemer 2008
6 denkmal - a science- and media-persiflage 2008
7 "der disput" - music for the film 2007
8 In den freien Raum 2006
9 Buonaparte - song cycle 2005 - 2006 ~ 12m
10 coco - experimental music and audio-performance 2004 - 2006
11 offene Messer - song cycle 2004 ~ 15m
12 Exegese 2004 1m 44s
13 billard 2003
14 the runner 2003
15 "visionen" - music for the film 2002
16 Agamemnon 2002 3m 11s
17 petite musique du refoulement 2002 1m
18 la grande fatigue 2002 1m 35s
19 "die parasiten" - music for the film 2001
20 Tutto casa, letto, chiesa - music for the theater-piece
21 Aleppo 2m 44s

General Information

Year of Birth:  1977
Date of Birth:  21. March 1977
Place of Birth:  Rosenheim, Deutschland
Country of Birth: 


Born in 1977 in Rosenheim/Bavaria, surrounded by woods and meadows; started music from the age of 8 on homemade drums and tennis racket guitar imitations: dreams of a rock star career. After several semi-successful student band projects, he disovered the multi-track recording in 1995; in 4 years he produced approximately 60 tapes with mostly Songs, but also the first film score.
Moved to Vienna in 1999; digital apprentice at Georg Luksch; switch to the computer as a recording center, space-related reduction to synthetic sounds, guitars and vocals; 2 soundtracks were written ("parasites" in 2001 and "visions" in 2002), plus theater and ballet music ("tutto casa, letto, chiesa" in 2002, "billiard" in 2003), from 2003 again increased band projects, including Frauen&&Technik, Kruger and especially coco, which emerged from the performance duo Amber and Gold.
With coco several musical ground breaking performances were completed in the broad field of performance art, eg wrapped in aluminum, scoring football games or opening parties.


In 2007 he completed his studies in musicology and graduated with distinction.
In April 2008 the 24-audio performance efemer premiered in Krems at the Danube Festival. Planning and implementation of other similarly structured projects in 2009 and 2010, including a critical Haydn and Mahler tribute.
Ever since many (temporary) band projects, including 2006-2010 Wunderland, 2008 playing in the trio of Stefan Sterzinger and a Marilyn Monroe/Marlene Dietrich project. Focus on his own work under the nom de guerre Steve Amber (


Since 2011: Opening of studio77 as a recording, practice and experimental space for in-house and contract works. Various projects as arranger, producer, art director, musician for various projects including "Zoo, Vol.1" by Walter, the first (and only) EP from "Zitterpartie", individual recordings with Lukas Lauermann, the actor Roland Jäger, advertising films, and the album production "capriole" with morgen wird es schoen.
2014: Publication of the audio-book "der unbekannte Soldat"


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1999 - 2001

apprenticeship in sound design, computer music at Georg Luksch

2000 - 2001

lessons with Fred Bobr

2003 - 2007

master's degree in musicology, graduation with distinction

Performances (Selection)


Eva Beresin


In den freien Raum


performance of "Lärm"


by 2012 performances with morgen es wird schoen, Wunderland, et al.


toured in Paris 3 times with Wunderland



Discography, Projects


  • 2016: "Zoo Vol. 1" (Walter) als Produzent, Musiker, Arrangeur
  • 2015: "capriole" (morgen es wird schoen) as musician, producer and arranger
  • 2011: "EP" (Zitterpartie) as producer, musician and co-arranger
  • 1999: "AUM" (Stefan Frankenberger)

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