Christian Berg
Nickname: Chris der Berg
Instrument: double bass

Berg Christian

General Information

Place of Birth:  Cologne
Country of Birth: 

Christian Berg (aka Chris der Berg) Arranger, Composer, Lead Singer, Frontman and creator of the band "Chris der Berg & die Unverbrauchten", studied music in Detmold, Cologne and Oberschützen. Although initially trained as a classical musician and specialist for double bass, he came in contact with the music of Frank Zappawhile while he was studying, which started to fascinate him and became a lasting influence.
In addition to teaching at the University for Music and performing Arts in Graz, he established himself as a contra bass player in the bass quartet "Circus Bassissimus" and, on the initiative of Folke Tegetthoff, became active in the "Trio Gemärch".
Numerous CD-, radio- and television-recordings. He has toured in almost all European countries, as well as the Middle and Far East.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

double bass (Johannes Auersperg)

further studies in Detmold and Cologne



Chris der Berg und die Unverbrauchten: leader, singer, arranger and composer of the rock band with a Frank Zappa focus

Circus Bassissimus: double-bass player

Trio Gemaerch: double bass player


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Language:  German, English
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