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Böhm Joe

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Year of Birth:  1965
Date of Birth:  21. November 1965
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Joe Boehm - born in Burgenland in 1965 - musician, composer, lyricist and arranger since 1983. He is one of the few musicians in the country, who earns his living exclusively as a professional musician.
Although at home in the entertainment business, his musical roots lie in rock, folk and jazz. In addition to various cover bands, the rock band "Route 66" was one of his musical highlights.
Composer of German and English songs for his own and foreign productions. Currently on stage with the song contest participant Anita in the formation "Hit4You".


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1975 - 1983

Burgenländisches Volksbildungswerk Stegersbach : piano (Oppenrieder)



founding, since then musician and artistic director

music teacher

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