Implicit Knowledge

Implicit Knowledge
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Flöte (1, Piccolo u. Bassflöte), Oboe (1, Englischhorn), Klarinette (1, Bassklarinette u. Kontrabassklarinette), Fagott (1, Kontrafagott), Horn (1, mit Wasser), Trompete (1, in C), Posaune (1, mit Wasser), Tuba (1, mit Wasser), Klavier (1, Keyboard), Perkussion (1), Violine (3), Viola (1), Violoncello (1), Kontrabass (1), Sampler (1)

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"Long before ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) made it popular, I was interested in the microscopic view of sounds. Everyone knows the optical experience of how amazing it is to look at a hair under a microscope, for example. The microscopic view fascinates and creates distance from the familiar. The centre of my work is listening carefully. For example, we know the sound of a siren only from afar. But if you approach with your ear and listen to the quiet low frequencies, you will be amazed at the warmth that this sound radiates. Even in this situation, the unstable sound, which cannot hold a pitch, is unmistakably that of a siren. To be able to weave this kind of sound into a musical context, I have made recordings that are played back as samples. It appealed to me to create a musical context for these newly heard sounds, which are perceived as expressive. Another example is the sound of a watermelon-eating rabbit. The biting pulse of its small jaw is fast, and of untiring vitality. The staging of this specific sound is not about imitation, but about working out this particular characteristic. Recordings of the human voice (Truike van der Poel) are also woven in. When mixed with the instrumental sound, expressive timbres and meanings are achieved that go beyond the concrete sound. The sounds become even more specific via this mixture, and acquire a binding personality that speaks directly to us. The samples change the focus of the instrumental sounds and allow us listen more closely. The term ‘implicit knowledge’ goes back to the natural scientist and philosopher Michael Polanyi. „We know more than we can say,“ he writes. Implicit knowledge is understood as a kind of practical life skill that enables successful action. The acting person does not even understand essential parts of that skill. It is the great strength of art to detect the present even before it reaches the rational consciousness. This trained consciousness will be able to grasp only aspects of instinctive knowledge. Music in particular – in its invisibility and incomprehensibility – is able to represent brain movements and the unconscious."
Donaueschinger Musiktage '20 (2020/10), abgeraufen am 2.8.2021 []

Auftrag: SWR für Ensemble Musikfabrik

18. Oktober 2020 - Donaueschinger Musiktage - Baar Sporthalle
Mitwirkende: Ensemble Musikfabrik, Mariano Chiacchiarini (Dirigent)

Sendeaufnahme: SWR2 (Südwestrundfunk)

Titel: Carola Bauckholt: Implicit Knowledge (2019/20)
Plattform: YouTube
Herausgeber: grinblat
Datum: 18.10.2020
Mitwirkende: Ensemble Musikfabrik, Mariano Chiacchiarini (Dirigent)
Weitere Informationen: World Première Recording, Donaueschinger Musiktage '20

Titel: Implicit Knowledge
Plattform: SoundCloud
Herausgeber: Carola Bauckholt
Datum: 25. Juni 2021
Mitwirkende: Ensemble Musikfabrik