All or Nothing
KomponistIn: Salecich Daniel
Entstehungsjahr: 2012
Dauer: 8m

All or Nothing


Gitarre (1), Klavier (1), Violine (1), Kontrabass (1)


Art der Publikation:  Manuskript

Weiterführende Informationen

All or nothing is a soulful tango in nuevo tango style. For a tango, Salecich's All or nothing is unusually long. Salecich draws inspiration from Ástor Piazolla's tangos and mixes this with his own melodies and harmonic language, also his life experiences and thoughts concerning the passion that is tango. In this grand and all-encompassing sense, All or Nothing expects nothing less than everything - either one dares "to tango" or one dares nothing at all. Another composition by Salecich similiar to All or Nothing is One is Not Enough, also written in tango nuevo style.