You are the One
KomponistIn: Salecich Daniel
Entstehungsjahr: 2012
Dauer: 5m

You are the One


Perkussion (1), Gitarre (1), Klavier (1), Violine (1), Kontrabass (1)


Art der Publikation:  Manuskript

Weiterführende Informationen

This slapstick work combines latin-jazz, samba, flamenco guitar and ragtime piano and is guaranteed to make you smile. Each element in the composition is bordering on kitsch, and rightly so. You are the One's main feature is the acoustic guitar playing a Flamenco tremolo over a samba rhythm. Syncopated latin-inspired counter melodies are often found in the piano. The piano is later featured in the middle of the work playing honky-tonk ragtime melodies over the continuing samba rhythm - here no style is sacred. The extended "rave" coda picks up the tempo and brings the work to a fervent close.