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World construction, variation: duoddaris

World construction, variation: duoddaris
Sound-based interventions
Neue Musik

"My ongoing series of sound compositions and installations, world construction is an expression of my appreciation of the sounding world. Orbiting around field recordings, their analysis, deconstruction, and later reconstruction and staging, the series provides the conceptual framing to work on-site, to sample, take apart, derive and re-implant sounds of interest.
Variation duoddaris (Northern Sami language for `in the (arctic) mountains’, Finnish `tunturissa’) builds on this fundament to frame four characteristic spots in the tundra, bringing forward specific aspects of their sonic properties, and in each case, create a well-defined listening space directly on-site.

It is an attempt to feature concrete and synthetically derived sound and associated performative elements where it is alive and in proper context, not in a home cinema, not in a concert venue, not in a white cube gallery, or other acoustically neutral and anonymous sites, but at a concrete place, and put it right among all the related and corresponding sounds and other sensuous impressions that make up a truly holistic experience, including vision, touch and scent.

I have also written a conference article about the project, detailing the conception and practical realization."
Thomas Grill, Werkbeschreibung, Homepage des Komponisten, abgerufen am 05.12.2023 [https://grrrr.org/arts/projects/wcon/wcon-2/]

Weitere Informationen: https://grrrr.org

27. - 28. Juli 2013 - Kilpisjärvi (Finnland)

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