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The group combines tho top musicianship of a classical quartet, the energy of a punk bandm the hooks of a kick-ass pop-band. Grafting together these disparate influences Metamorphosis plays highly arranged, very energetic and often stridently rhythmic music which combines great sensitivity, subtle use of dynamics, passages of free improvisation, humor and lyrics in many languages. Forget Kronos Quartet, The EX and the Pixies - now you have them all in one band. Text von

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Martin Alacam
Jan Kavan
Christoph Pajer

Contaminated Chamber Music


  • 2005: Love and Nepalm (Russian Edition)
  • 2002: Dip
  • 1999: Rachot
  • 1999: Metamorphosis


This is moody music that seems timeless as it uses no really modern or exotic influences, yet remains fascinating throughout. Considering I could barely come up with ten favorite releases for my last year's best of pop/vocal list, this is certain to be in this year's top ten. Completely marvellous.
Downtown Music Gallery New York

Metamorphosis sound totally original, executing a successful cross-pollination between the traditional and the experimental with considerable verve.
Tom Ridge, The Wire

Thus, a magical beauty permeates this superb offering! And while others have done it before, few have attained the far-reaching realizations that this ensemble brings to the table. To that end, this band's heterogeneous approach speaks volumes. (Vigorously recommended).
Glenn Astarita, All about Jazz

Bei ihren Raubzügen quer durch die Populärmusik- und Folkore-Traditionen, in denen sich musikalischer Wagemut, Perfektionismus sowie Unterhaltungswert auf wundersame Weise verknüpfen, wirken sie denn weniger wie ein Kammerorchester, eher schon wie - eben, die Metamorphose einer Kurcafe-Kapelle, wie sie erst erfunden werden mußte. Vergleiche mit den sphärisch-aufwiegelnden, minimalistischen Werkstücken eines "Kronos Quartett" mußten auf ebenso fruchtbaren Boden fallen wie auch jene mit beherzten Folk-Manipulatoren vom Typ Friends of Dean Martinez.
Mario Jandrokovic, Salzburger Nachrichten

This band is likely to find many fans, but only if the fans find them. Inside, the booklet says? Contaminated Chamber Music.? Too askew for NPR, yet not as ascerbic as chamber Bartók, Metamorphosis should find favor among fans of Gypsophilia and Steeleye Span, the current jazz-klez-Euroethnic breed, as well as those of Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt.
Steven Koenig, Jazz Weekly

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