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karen was formed in 2001 after PROGRAMM C (Christian, Martin & Andi) broke up. andi then moved to Linz, to team up with CANITRASHCAN on the bass. Recorded some fine tunes and toured europe twice. Meanwhile Chris and Martin called up Rene & Max, cause their band (PREFORM) at the time also broke up, so they came, jammed and conquered. After Andi came back from his Linz experience, a bass player was found, so karen´s line up was complete in 2002. For the live performances there is not much to say, karen will play everywhere, from the smallest club to the biggest hall, and will burn all down to ashes with their very powerfull and energetic shows. Even a band contest (ostrocktrophy 2002) was won! A 5 song demo (almost perfect) was recorded 2002 in karen´s own rehearsal room. 2004 two new songs have been recorded by soundwizzard Bernhard Gittenberger, which will appear on a 3 way split CD (KAREN, INC., NACA 7) that will be released as a tour gimmick. The karen-party-people-band motto ... maybe "too much is not enough" fits. For the future, karen wants to write lots of new songs, and play live as often as possible, so watch out!

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