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Dudli Joris

erfasst als
Jazz/Improvisierte Musik

Grown up in Vienna, Austria, private piano lessons at age 12, jazz theory and arrangement at the Vienna Conservatory, some private drum lessons, mostly self-taught. 1977- 1985: Steady member of the Vienna Art Orchestra, Art Farmer Quintet and Karl Ratzer’s Beat The Heat; 1986 - present: Resident in New York City. Continous work with band leaders throughout the US, Asia and Europe; 1999: Performances with the Former Ladies Of The Surpremes; Regular work with the NDR (North German Radio) Big Band in Hamburg, Germany; 1999: Member of the Vincent Herring Quartet touring Australia & Europe

Dudli (who is, for my money, the real star of this session) tends to provide the sort of drumming you’d expect on a free outing- some rhythmic pulse, but a lor of low rumbling pushing the soloist along as if on a tidal wave... Dudi forcing them to move further ahead..., plays as if he has five or six independant limbs. He keeps the beat with the cymbals, and while he is doing that, he is constantly playing, using his drums to make the ground shake under the soloist. Eric Saidel for Cadence, USA

1993–heute Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz: Dozent (Jazz-Schlagzeug)

Schüler:innen (Auswahl)
Peter Kronreif

„Joris is a wonderful drummer, getting better every day... a good drummer ist irreplaceable, I would like to play with Joris anywhere, .... he plays in such a wonderful way- it’s a pleasure to share the music with him.“ Art Farmer, JAZZPODIUM, Germany „Joe Henderson was accompanied by Joris Dudli, who has a way of playing that ist alive without complicating things...“ Boris Rabinowitsch, POLITKEN, Denmark „Joe Henderson played great – this was made possible by very fine Austrian drummer Joris Dudli.“ Jorgen Siegumfeldt, BERLINGSKE, Denmark „Joris Dudli, so keen of hearing in reaction, so immensely rich in inspiration.“ Werner Urtlauf, NEUES VOLKSBLATT, Austria „Meanwhile pianist Rob Schneidermann, bassist Ira Coleman and drummer Joris Dudli provided an aptly hushed backdrop (as the rhythm section for the Art Farmer- Clifford Jordan Quintet).“ Howard Reich, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, USA „... and Dudli displayed a lively personality...“ Lloyd Sachs, CHICAGO SUNDAY TIMES, USA

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