Die Knödel

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Die Knödel
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The performance sites of the Tyrolian formation DIE KNÖDEL (The Dumplings) are diverse and scattered. Their music also is complex and hard to label. They use instruments like bassoon, dulcimer, wooden glachter, harp, violin, clarinet, doublebass, trumpet, and guitar to produce a very individual and unusual sound. This leads to the appreciation of the Austrian group in classical concert halls as well as in folk, jazz, and rock clubs and at the great jazz festivals all over the world. Initially, DIE KNÖDEL were often labeled folk music, but as soon as after the reviews of their first CD "Verkochte Tiroler" it was clear that that label cannot cover all of their activity. In addition to their own projects DIE KNÖDEL also composed orders for dance theater, films (such as the movie "Drei Herren" by Nikolaus Leytner, featuring Karl Merkatz, Ottfried Fischer, and Karl Markovitsch), and TV, and were contracted for various productions, for example for the movie "Der Unfisch" by Robert Dornhelm and Michael Köhlmeier.

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