Middleton Andy

erfasst als
Jazz/Improvisierte Musik

Nach fast 20 Jahren in der New Yorker Jazz Szene, in denen Andy Middleton mit Jazz Größen wie Joey Calderazzo, Renee Rosnes, Dave Holland, Lional Hampton und anderen, gespielt hatte, verlagerte er seinen Mittelpunkt 2006 nach Wien, wo er Professor für Jazz Komposition, Jazz Theorie und Jazz Saxophon am Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität.

MA in Komposition an der University of Miami

2006 MUK - Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (früher: Konservatorium Privatuniversität Wien) Seither Professor für Jazz Komposition, Jazz Theorie und Jazz Saxophon.
New York regelmäßige Konzerte

1987 Downbeat Magazine: Outstanding Artist 
1991 Beim 13th Europ’ Jazz Contest in Belgiien: Erster Preis, bester Solist, bester Arrangeur
1992 Stipendium des National Endowment for the Arts
1993 Stipendium des US Artists at International Festivals  
1996 Stipendium des National Endowment for the Arts
2004 Stipendium der Doris Duke Foundation  
2005 Stipendium des Arts international
2003 Stipendium des US Artists at International Festivals
2006 Stipendium der New York Foundation for the Arts
2006 Stipendium des Brooklyn Arts Council
2007 Stipendium der New York Foundation for the Arts
2008 Stipendium der New York Foundation for the Arts
2009 Stipendium der New York Foundation for the Arts
2014 Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur Stipendium Filmmusik Komposition


“… an accomplished composer as well as a smart post-bop tenor saxophonist.”
The New York Times

“A saxophonist with patient poise on the slow ones and fierce resolve on the fast ones.”
The Village Voice (New York)

“… solos that demonstrate the absolute mastery of his saxophones, in emotional and technical terms. Every note hits the mark, but also reveals the notable feature of leadership, that nothing is done halfway.”
All About Jazz Italy

“A musician’s musician, just like it says in books.  The American living in Vienna spins fascinating webs of improvisation with long, drawn-out and intense melodies on the tenor saxophone that place him at the top of the international saxophone scene.  Great music.”
Jazzthing (Germany)

“… an ace saxophonist, a generously skilled arranger and a socially dedicated artist."
Timeout New York

“Andy Middleton himself is in a class of his own. It is a must to hear, see and experience how he constructs, searches and propels his solos. I was reminded the whole time of a Wayne Shorter concert - the same energy, uncompromising playing and searching and bringing to light of the deepest and best in oneself.”

“Middleton is an individual who manages simultaneously to think, feel, produce, teach, question, evolve, search and to be aware of it when he finds the thing that he has been searching for. While listening to Andy one realizes how jazz can reach a universal level as an art form, without getting lost in dull relationships with popular and traditional music. And something else too - the necessity of the soprano...Unbelievable tone and mastery!"
JAZZ (Turkey)

 “One of the best things about being a record reviewer is when you come across a CD by someone you've never heard of, which turns out to be so enjoyable that it could even qualify for your year's best list.  Thoroughly recommended.”
Jazzwise Magazine                                                              

“The European Quartet Live is an excellent album. The simplicity of that statement matches the music on the recording. What makes all of the numbers stand out is the wonderful work of Middleton, who is virtuosic in his tone, speed and concepts. His standmates are nearly as good, but he is the real star.”
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Middleton is a resourceful player and a skilled writer and arranger for the octet, with a liking for rich, lush harmonies and radiant voicings. It lacks a little bit of devilishness for these ears, but it can’t be faulted when it comes to classy execution and musicianship.
Jazzwise Magazine

 “…. his playing is consummate.  Middleton’s lines are thoughtful and symmetrical.  There’s pattern to his improvisation, and grace, so that following his solos is less likely to occasion surprise than satisfaction. This is a solid outing by four master musicians.”
"There is one soloist who truly stands apart from the rest of the crowd, and that is Andy Middleton.”
Saxophone Journal, USA

 “Serendipitous, how a musician continues to grow. The European Quartet Live presents an Andy Middleton in top form, playing with his superb accompanists through a brilliant set balanced between lyrical melodic serenity and exciting freestyle excursions that is a true joy for a jazz fan.  Excellent.”

 “Andy Middleton is a modern jazz saxophonist who has warm and original tones on tenor and soprano. Although the music may be relaxed, plenty of sparks fly from Middleton's tenor (which sometimes hints a little at Joe Lovano or Michael Brecker) and his fluent soprano.”

 “Middleton shows signs of being more than "just any" improviser.  Middleton ... writes in a broadly euphonious harmonic language, with a natural tunefulness that engages the ear with exotic airs, but never strays too far from home.”
Jazz Times (USA)

 “Andy Middleton affirms himself not only as a saxophone player but as a first class composer and arranger.”
JAZZ Magazine, (France)   


DAVID LIEBMAN: “Andy Middleton represents the best of a new generation of jazz musicians.”

MICHAEL BRECKER: “Here is the sax player with the courage to pursue his own voice.  Here is improvising and writing in its best form - really pretty amazing!”

JOHN ABERCROMBIE: “Totally contemporary playing and writing with a real sense of the jazz tradition.  Excellent!”

RANDY BRECKER: “Andy Middleton is one of the strongest tenor and soprano saxophonists on the scene.  Check him out!”



  • 1991: “Acid Rain”, Owl/Time Line 3819082 featuring Joey Calderazzo
  • 1995: “Terra Infirma”, Owl Records/EMI France 080-832998-2 featuring Renee Rosnes
  • 1999: “Nomad’s Notebook”, Intuition Music & Media 3264-2 featuring Ralph Towner and Dave Holland
  • 2003: “Reinventing the World”, Intuition Music & Media 3310-2 featuring Kenny Wheeler
  • 2007: “The European Quartet Live”, Qrious Music, QRM 100-2
  • 2010: “Between Worlds”, Prova Records, PR 1009-CD14
  • 2011: “Three Hearts, Three Minds”, Alessa Records, ALR 1018
  • 2018: “Water and Sky”, Panorama Records



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